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Enterprise Action Network

Today it is a challenge just to make the right enterprise technology decisions..but, as we know all too well, this is where the real challenges begin.

Our Enterprise Action Network is like no other. It consists of Enterprise practitioners, Integrators, VARs and Start-ups, with a focus on action. When we make a call on your behalf, you’re taken seriously and given a rapid response. We tirelessly connect professionals within the ecosystem for powerful support and results. Someone writing code may not have a customer to try it out. A Venture Capitalist may need to be connected with the right developer. A Customer may not know the best integrator for an initiative, or they may want help selecting an early stage provider who has the proper funding and support to solve their challenge.

Innovation Board

Yes, we have a board of powerful people in our industry, as do most great companies. The BRB difference is that ours is an equal, two-way street. Our board not only supports BRB’s mission, they take your challenges seriously, and proactively reach out to the Enterprise Action Network on your behalf where needed where needed. They know that integrating applications across the enterprise is challenging, and may connect a VAR, services firm and startup who can effectively partner together. The customer’s problem gets solved, and early stage companies get traction and big opportunities.


There are two ways we fund ideas and startups: financial and proof of scale.


We invest directly in the latest innovations and also foster relationships with Venture Capital Firms. We attract some of the best VC Firms because they get the benefit of BRB’s EngineEQ product company, which provides customer challenge use cases, and actively contributes on-demand market intelligence that does not exist in the industry.

Proof of Scale

Many early stage IT product companies are undervalued due to lack of consumption transparency or low customer traction. Our EngineEQ product provides evidence of traction, and a powerful distribution method that accelerates adoption and dramatically impacts valuation.

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